Thursday, October 8, 2009

Words that Start with Snow

And by that I mean the words that begin to swirl in my mind when I see the first flakes... Especially the fat luscious tongue-catchers that clump up and turn you into an Austrian governess as they stay on your nose and eyelashes... Or clean, clear icicles that cause Lara's Theme to swell up in my head with visions of the ice palace. What can I say? Winter makes me giddy...


and many wonderful images and memories that come with them.

I am feeling much better today (thank you for the well-wishes...) and was treated to the beauty of wet clusters of snowflakes (the upside of a headache for me) and an inability to see too terribly far... I know it's a little cold out and a little too soon for most people but I feel awfully cozy in a world that's pulled its snow blanket over its head.

And since it appears that natural light is not in the forecast, I took pictures of my finished quilt anyway.

I expect sunshine to appear almost as soon as I hit "publish". :-)

I call it "Happy Hour, Drunken Stitches". I thought with a Happy Hour pattern that straight stitches might be inappropriate somehow. It's also huge - queen - and straight quilting might have been beyond my capabilities last week. :-)

I plan to curl up under it immediately with a cup of peppermint tea and fresh inspiration. The only decision left is whether to choose notebook (as in laptop) or notebook (as in spiral bound and pencil) to record it.

Hope the weather is to your liking wher'er ye be...


  1. Wow - your quilt is just GORGEOUS! I love the colors!

  2. Your quilt is lovely! as is your snow (we had some, too, today).

  3. That is a great quilt. It reminds me of the snow, the way the colors change from top to bottom and the way the inner rectangles seem to swirl as they fall. Nice job!


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