Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beach Weather

This is NOT what it looks like outside. But it is prettier.

There's an old saying in Saskatchewan (and probably most everywhere else) that if you aren't happy with the weather, wait fifteen minutes. Today, it's warm. The sun is shining, the grass is green and the trees.... well, they're confused. I'd take a picture but I wouldn't want to embarrass them. It's like someone cut the water while they were in the shower rinsing out their leaf dye - can't find a towel, burnt sienna is running in their eyes, and Sunshine Courier is trying to deliver a package....

Part of me is hoping autumn resumes its somewhat early schedule. The other part is wishing it stays warm just long enough for the neighbourhood kids to get some sugar! Hallowe'en costumes when I was a kid were designed to fit over a snowsuit. Or you were strongly encouraged to be something warm or insulated. You don't feel much like a princess with a tent of a dress pulled over your ski-pants and a toque underneath your tiara.

Oooh, pretty.

There was a magical year when I was ten that we packed a sweater in our pillowcases "just in case" it got cold. We walked freely without the fun-encroaching accoutrement of winter with our costumes displayed with all the glory they had in school that day. Eventually, we put on the sweaters - not due to cold, but to make more room in the pillowcases for candy. It was a bumper crop! My arms hurt the next day from hauling pounds of high-fructose corn syrup confections and not from trying to keep circulation in my extremities. Good times!

Well, I think I will grab a walk before the game (Go RIDERS!!) and wait for the change.

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  1. That old "wait 15 minutes" thing doesn't work here on the Oregon Coast. Waiting 15 minutes just means a few more centimeters of rain. :D

    Pretty picture, chilly and beautiful. :D


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