Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Martha, More Carving...

We had a Soaps show on Friday night and as part of the theme, I was asked to resurrect my decade-old impersonation of Martha Stewart. (For the record, I don't think it's very good. But it was necessary. And it comes with a terrible [abominable? ridiculous? polyester?] wig. )

My friend J (Soapster and local newsperson) asked me that night to come carve pumpkins on the news as Martha..... (For some reason, he thinks it's funny...) Sigh. Sure, J. Whatever you need.

So tomorrow on the news, I will be massacring more members of the squash family. If you live in Saskatoon and watch CTV News at Noon, I'm sorry. :-)

I was supposed to use my werewolf as the "after" pumpkin but after ten days, it's not looking "show-worthy." It may even be growing legs, or things that will quickly evolve into other things having legs. So I carved another one. I've been eating sweet'n'spicy roasted seeds since...

Odd. For a person who's not-so-hallowe'eny, I've not only carved a pumpkin, I'll have carved three this year. Which is more than I've carved since I first did the Martha. That year... I carved an acorn squash.

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