Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Get Over Yourself

Day seven of cloud and rain. Don't get me wrong - I love the rain and the majority of the last week has been lovely. However, as a person who is afflicted with climate migraines, the fluctuations in air pressure have been somewhat interesting...

After being held hostage in the house this morning (waiting to let people in who don't arrive when they say they will), I was anxious to get out even for few minutes, enjoy a breath of fresh air before the latest wave of the ebbing, flowing skull-crusher arrived in my brain. So ipod attached, I donned my favourite beat-up jacket and strolled to the corner store. (Stocking up on caffeine - the only medication I trust or that remotely works :)

Coming out of the shop, I was struck by a particularly jovial beat and almost broke out into an arm-swinging skip and a shake of the behind. In the middle of raising my arm, I caught a memory of myself in a large bookstore, browsing the shelves and grooving much like I was about to do now, when my eyes alit on a very confused clerk who had been watching me. I became instantly aware that I was wearing my iPod then, too, and no one was sharing in the same soundtrack... And so I suppressed my inner dance instinct lest the neighbourhood get a glimpse of crazy.

Not half a block from the store, I heard these lyrics:

"Just get over yourself. This ain't no good for your health. So just get over yourself."

I laughed. Out loud.

And boogied all the way home. After all, what did it matter what the neighbours thought? And if they did see, it would either be strange to them or put a smile on their face. It certainly wouldn't ruin their day and if they smiled, all the better. And dancing, happiness, fresh air - these all lead to the good endorphins which could not be a bad thing for me at the time and might even stave off the impending migraine...

I remembered Dancing Dan - a guy in Edmonton who travels by foot to where he needs to go. And busts out at every traffic stop. Lip-syncing, fully-choreographed and not at all self-conscious. He's known throughout the city. Seeing him on my way to work was a good omen for the day. And a reminder to Just Get Over Yourself.

Alas, I did not prevent the railroad spike currently driving itself through my temple. But I didn't sit around all afternoon being held hostage by it, waiting to let it in. Instead, I enjoyed the afternoon. And I re-learned something important.

So if you need to.....


  1. Carli,

    Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. You can get other kinds of soda syrup but you may have to do a little searching. Years and years ago Cocoa Cola syrup was fairly easy to get. You can still buy it but it is harder to find. I did a little google searching and there seems to be recipes floating around out there to make your own soda syrup.

    Hope the migrane doesn't last long.


  2. So sorry you're feeling poorly, Carly. (That's probably putting it mildly.) I hope you are back to your shakin' and dancin' self very soon. :)


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