Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brought to you by borrowed batteries

Sometimes, batteries die. It can happen at an inopportune moment - like right before you wish to upload some photographs taken with your digital camera.

Sometime, you forget to buy batteries. It can happen on a day where you're not feeling all that well and don't go out on errands like you planned.

Sometimes, you buy batteries and then leave them on the counter. Apparently, my subconscious doesn't think I'm over the loss of the original batteries and won't allow me to move on.

Sometimes, it seems really silly to write about batteries that have passed into the great beyond (or the little jar on the utility shelf waiting for toxic recyclables day). Especially when the photo is not really important. It's just socks. I had one photo I needed to upload and it was just socks.

Here they are:

I have finished them and they are cozy, perfect for the season. Came from the same magazine as the last pair. Far fewer troubles with these ones and I plan to knit them again, now that I have the kinks worked out.

And perhaps, the next pair will be less anti-climactic.

My first camera didn't take batteries. It was a hand-me-down 110mm cartridge camera. It was taupe, about twice the length of my digital but the same thickness and had huge flash cubes more blinding than oncoming trains at midnight. You need a new flash cube after every four shots so you had to be very choosy about which pictures you decided to take and where you wanted to take them. Then you had to wait two or three weeks to see how they turned out.

Sometimes, realizing that you have the freedom to take as many pictures as you want, when you want, is worth forgetting two stupid little batteries on the counter.


  1. those are sure pretty socks and worth battery drama, for sure! it takes a little contrast sometimes to appreciate what you've got. :) yea digital!

  2. Love the socks.

    I can commiserate! My Nikons use rechargeable batteries---so, when I forget to recharge one I have to wait and and wait. And you know it always happens when I need the camera the most. Or when the sun comes out for the first time in 7 days for an HOUR and I have product to shoot. OY.


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