Friday, October 2, 2009

Coffee and Raindrops

The last few days have been the kind where a steady drizzle sets the mood. You could spend all day just staring out the window, glad to be inside, with a ramekin full of creamy, silky, creme brulee and a cup of hot black coffee.
I meant to take a photo of the creme brulee when it arrived but the picture speaks the truth: it was just too good not to dig in right away. ( In Saskatoon, Calories on Broadway is one of the best places in town....)

These are good days for baking banana bread, fuzzy sweaters, cat naps, and stacks of DVDs to keep you company while you hand-stitch the binding on your new quilt. I've finished it but, obviously, we are sadly lacking in natural light this week and I haven't been able to photograph it, either. Gives me time to wash the cat hair out of it. (I meant the part about cat naps literally.)

I'm just waiting for more leaves to turn. Things are still pretty green around here and it's only enhanced by the rain. Greens are always more green when it's raining. I have a theory that rain is the reason Ireland sparkles like an emerald. But I'm waiting for the oranges, reds, and buttery yellows to keep me warm. Until then, I'll just have to snuggle up under the quilt with the Nap King.

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