Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pulling the Rabbit - Giveaway Winner!!

There are technological devices designed to do pick a winner. I prefer the old-fashioned way...
Scribe a little number for each comment.
Throw them in a hat. (Secretly wish you had a top hat for such occasions but as it is, a newsboy cap works just as well and is far more flattering to my face...)
Pull out a rabbit, a jug of milk, or a mitten-loving winner!
Congratulations to Whitney of WhiskerGraphics! It seems fitting that the first giveaway would be won by the first commenter on the post... There's a delightful harmony to it, don't you think?

Thank you to everyone who entered! There were some great comments and guesses... and I appreciate them all.

My Pumpkin was the Werewolf. (Mother did the Punk Princess - yeah, I know....??, Father did Senor Mustache - we all agreed it resembled him, Sister did Obama - she laughed when she discovered it was an option and then just couldn't get it out of her head, and Brother carved the Zombie - he's our resident expert on all things zombie.)

He's sad. He didn't win.


  1. Me (and my freezing hands) are soooooo excited! Thank you VERY much! I'll be by my mailbox with my hands tucked under my armpits waiting for my new mittens.
    xx, Whitney
    PS A shout out of thanks to Wende for offering up the mittens to me should she have won them. :)

  2. I'm totally content to be right in my guess. Ha! Yay for Whitney. See, she really needed them and Universe knew. I love it when things work out. :D


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