Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where to put the stitches...

Seems like a theme lately.

I've finished the top of what will be a protective runner along the top of an antique vanity. I've composed my pieces and seams in an arrangement that I like. I've selected my backing - part of an old sheet that has been in my family for years before it fell victim to my scissors as I try to make each thread of it new again. And I thought very carefully about what to put on the inside. You won't see it in the finished product but what's inside something always affects how the outside turns out. I've layered them all and now comes the question of how to stitch all the elements in place. It will either bring out the best in the top or highlight the flaws. But the stitches are what hold the whole thing together and I don't want to take that too lightly.

This isn't really about a runner. :-) It's about making my own pieces fit. About being choosy about who I am inside. About finding the right stitches to pull it all together. Or maybe I'm waxing poetic about quilting as a metaphor. A little pretension on a Saturday night hasn't killed me yet :-)

"Life has its ups and downs, " she sighed, staring at the fabric collage that had become her own existential dilemma. "What would Neitzsche say?"....

(Sorry, I just Kant help myself - heehee)

I think I've made some major life decisions this week. I'm not quite ready to share what they are yet so I'm leaving in the safety pins until I'm sure about the stitching. (Although, I can tell you right now that deciding to take pictures early enough in the day to catch natural light so my photos aren't so.... so.... what's a word that means "lame" but isn't "lame" because "lame" is a lame word?) :-)

In the world word war department, I used "disparaging" in conversation this week and was told to speak english. :-| (Please join me in a collective head shake.)

And in the small victories department, I had my first Etsy sale today. And that, like making major life decisions, feels pretty darn good.


  1. I like your pieced top, it's a beautiful combination of contemporary design and muted tones that make me think of vintage fabrics.

    I think Nietzsche would be cold and happily accept a quilt to keep warm while staring into the abyss.

    I join your collective head shake and add an "argh!" on behalf of my sister, who teaches English.

    Congratulations on your first Etsy sale!

  2. Hip Hip Hooray on your first etsy sale!!! Congratulations!

    I like when you use them big fancy words in your blog posts. Makes me feel edjumicated. See I like using them too. :)

    I'm struggling with my photos too right now. I've been reading Pioneer Woman's blog and still my pics look icky/sad/yucky/lame. (They don't even deserve a bigger, better word!)

  3. I am joining you in the collective head shake.

    I am laughing (I Kant help myself either) and loving your metaphor.

    I am congratulating you on life decisions, and on your Etsy sale.

    And, as always when I read your blog, I am wishing I had kept up with my sewing, which my mother *did* teach me how to do, and which I left in the dust :(.

  4. love how this quilt is coming along. The top is stunning. Congrats on your first etsy sale!

  5. I like the colors in this piece!

  6. That's a lot of pressure on one piece of work. Beautiful work. I hope you find the inspiration you need to finish it. (I would be loathe to suggest anything.)


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