Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project pileup

It was a weekend of moving through things, progressing through stages but not actually getting to finish much. I'm working on inventory for the shop and a couple of experimental felting ideas. I began making some birthday and holiday gifts, which I can't describe here and now, but I need to adapt what I'm working on at any one given moment based on who's around and who's likely to show up - one doesn't want to set up a sewing zone only to have Giant Niece Dog come bounding through the garage door an hour later. She doesn't mean to charge but she does love her Auntie Carly and gets excited. She outweighs me now so I need to lower my centre of gravity before she gets within hugging range. :-)

Some projects, such as my photography project from last week, need to be restarted and will take up most of tomorrow morning. I'm hopefully wiser this time than last but as long as I learn something while doing it, it can't be a total waste. Right? Right?? (add determined in-denial smile here)

And other projects are just designed to keep your hands busy while you enjoy a little family time, renting a couple of movies, watching the last regular season game (#1 in the western division as of last night - Go Riders!) and rediscovering you each find the same things funny, even if it comes with poorly executed Vietnamese takeout and an "Is she really gone?" claws-clinging, eyes-wide walkabout with the cat once he's been coaxed out from under the bed. (Dash hates any day that contains Niece Dog. To him, she's worse than the vacuum or the sound of tinfoil... Who could blame him? Size-wise, if he were human, she's a Tyrannosaurus. Personality-wise, she's Barney, but without the purple or the strange robotic children.)

So I didn't finish a single project this weekend but I don't really mind. I needed to spend my time exactly the way I spent it.

I also need the soundtrack to Easy Virtue. "Sex Bomb" done 1920's-style will put a smile on my face for years.

Hope you had a great weekend, regardless of whether you finished anything!

"I wanna go outside but I want you to come with me....."


  1. Sometimes pileups can be a great thing. Especially if you have a project to suit every occasion. Have fun working your way through them!

  2. Who could resist that pup? I have a boy who gives me exactly the same look sometimes.

    I, too, have had a spell of working on lots but completing nothing, creatively speaking. I like to think of such stretches as "composting time" -- during which projects still incomplete are enriched even if we are not actually completing them. They turn out better in the end. (This is what I tell myself).


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