Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And the good mail keeps on coming!

When it rains, it pours!
I snapped up this work from Juneatnoon. Last Monday. And it's here. Through customs, too. Ridiculous, right? (The shipping speed, not the work. Because it's beautiful. Even if my photograph is not.)

And a new Amy Butler pattern. But I won't be using her Love fabrics. Because I don't. Love them. They're nice enough, I guess, but they are sooooooo not me.... It'll have to wait until after the holidays, regardless, so I've got time to pick something fabulous. Probably by Amy Butler. :-)

The universe knew I needed to come home to treats this week because my car looks a little like this....
Do not wish me sympathy. It was very much my fault (after three years without so much as a speeding ticket!!). My mental capacities were diminished by the brutal violence of eight hours of video tutorials at a job I've started - but that is a factor and by no means, an excuse.

No one was injured. Minor damage to vehicles. The only thing smarting is my pride and deductible.

SO. I've poured myself a cold one (Diet Coke, that is) and am going to indulge in some jiffy cinnamon rolls while I bask in the warm glow of my beautiful postal treasures - calendars, embroidery, and the promise of future projects.

Aftah all, tomorrah is anothah day! (Cue sunrise, a swell of music, and a stubborn refusal to surrender. Which is a tad funny when you consider that failure to yield is what caused the accident.)

[Laughs. Wipes tear. Sighs.]


  1. My dear Carly, accidents happen! At least you live in the wonderful non-privatized insurance province that is Saskatchewan! I miss the simplicity of SGI, even if they do try to gouge you at every turn! I hope you have a better rest of the week!

  2. So glad "Evelyn" got to you quickly! Guess customs didn't think it strange enough to hold it up. ;)

    Glad you're ok after the accident. I've had a couple, never enjoyable.

  3. I'm with you on the "LOVE". Yeah, not so much. I do love some of them (the sunspots got me!), but not most of the others!

  4. what a gorgeous embroidery piece!

    Hope your car gets fixed and back to normal soon!

  5. I actually just laughed out loud at my computer screen from this post, which when I realized this made me laugh again. You are such a fantastic writer cousin! And is it a little silly that when I read your posts I can picture your voice saying them? Makes me miss you. :)


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