Monday, November 23, 2009

i heart mail

I have a thing about getting mail. Everyday there is the possibility of something wonderful. And today, it was a reality. Because I came home to this....

... from Whitney @ WhiskerGraphics.

If you would like to see an approximation of how excited I was and still am, find a five-year-old, tell him that tomorrow is his birthday and he gets to go to Disneyworld on an blue stegosaurus that is also a Transformer. (Actually, you could probably tell me the same thing to elicit that reaction. :-) Amazingly, a few months of web-logging gave me the presence of mind to grab the camera but it was agonizing not to tear into it immediately. Agonizing. (I was trained in theatre; there is a part of me that will be five-years-old for the rest of my life.)

If you haven't checked out Whitney's blog, you can find her here at Whisker Graphics, here at her etsy store, and here for her Divine Twine (seen in first photo). Not only is she talented, she's really nice.

Thank you, Whitney! I love it!


  1. Oh Carly, how sweet are you?! So glad I could bring out the five year old in you. Now you know how I felt when the mittens you made for me arrived.

  2. That is such a gorgeous calendar!


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