Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy breeds Happy so Strike a Pose

I received word this morning from Whitney at Whisker Graphics that her mittens had arrived. So now I can share...

I asked Whitney for some of her favourite colours and wasn't particularly surprised by her list - if you read her blog, you would not have been surprised by it either. Graphic designers have such an eye for colour!

You can read about the arrival and Whitney's reaction HERE. The fact that my mittens inspired modeling a la Madonna pleases me to no end! She is happy which makes me happy: it is contagious and infectious so I hope they never develop a vaccine for THAT. (although, knowing Glaxo and all those other pharmaceutical giants that make a fortune off of antidepressants, I'm sure at some point, they'll try. After all, they're halfway there with their commercials - who can watch one of those without getting bummed out?? Melancholy chords and grayed out images of deeply sad people usurp your screen and then they ask if you experience any symptoms of depression....Sheesh.)

If to vogue would make you happy today, by all means, do it. Strike a Pose!! (Fight the corporate system - heehee)

In other news that would make me happy, I hope to have the CitricSugar etsy shop open by the end of the week.... :-)


  1. I do Looooove my mittens!! I showed them to some friends today and there was much oohing and awing. Thank you!!

  2. I sure wish I could knit. These are awesome!

  3. yes, to vogue is a wonderful thing. those are lovely. so excited to hear you're about to open a shop!

  4. Um, Whitney, I'm going to come steal those. Ok? Hee.

    They're GORGEOUS. Bravo!

  5. Beautiful mittens....... makes me almost glad for mitten weather. Can't wait to see your Etsy shop.

  6. they are so very wonderful!!! i love the w on the front. sweet.


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