Sunday, June 5, 2011

It just keeps coming... but I was quilting anyway

That old saying, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans", is so very true.  I've had a lot going on.  I figured that once the semester was over, I'd somehow get everything back to normal. HA!! No.

I took a spring class which took up an extraordinary amount of time, picked up more hours at work, logged a serious amount of Nephew/Auntie-time, and haven't missed more than two or three playoff games*.   It has taken me a month to catch up on my blog-reading, get my crap organized, and start planning for my internship.  And then there's been some personal blech that I won't go into here.  PS.  If you're little and donate blood, don't make plans for the rest of the day.  Also, keep candy on your person.

Somewhere in there, a friend of mine had a baby shower for a nugget of cuddly babyness.  And how could  I go to celebrate a wee one like that empty-handed?
I didn't.  A Max&Whiskers charm pack and some Kona solids later... Perfect for a tiny Irish gentleman.  (I also need to call his mother for a coffee date, too, now that I have a little more time.)

Normally, I'm anti-charm-pack, but for baby quilts, they're kinda perfect.  I've got two more baby quilts on the go.  Pictures coming soon, along with pictures of how I'm keeping my hands busy and my language in check during the Cup run.**  :-)

*(And no, I'm not cheering for Vancouver.  Boston and Toronto have been my teams since childhood and I'm not a fan of the Van style of 'hockey'.  Supporting the Bruins DOES NOT make me un-Canadian and I will drop gloves with those who attempt, wrongly, to insist otherwise. I will be happy to unfurl my laundry list of hockey rants and biases some other time.  Plus, Boston has more Canadians on the team. ;p) 
**I can be completely mild mannered but when watching players dive, linemen blow calls and listening to commentators who either don't know what's going on or have blatantly chosen a side, praising behaviour that has no place in the great game of hockey, I am far less eloquent than usual.)

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