Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Disaster Cake

Sometimes you are desperate for a little cake.  Problem?  Everyone around you is on a diet and you can't bake a whole cake or bring one in.  And it's 10 o'clock at night.

In desperation, you turn to the internet to find these rumoured microwave cake-in-a-mug recipes.  You think to yourself, "How bad could it be?"  There's a part of you that knows, deep down, that this won't end well, like when a  promising date snaps at your server before you've even ordered.  But rather than say, "Thanks, I'm going to save us both the trouble and end this now," you throw the ingredients and way too much (one whole) egg for a single serving cake, into a mug and microwave away.

Yuck.  I tried not to waste but I just couldn't take one more rubbery bite of it.  Microwave cake recipe inventor, what did flour and sugar ever do to you to deserve such a horrible fate?  What did *I* ever do to you?  I love cake.  Cake is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world, the one food I could eat every single day, and you dressed up in its ingredients and paraded around making a mockery of baked goods everywhere.

It's the kind of epicurean misadventure that makes you wish the internet was intelligent and could tell you at the top of the search results page when something was a terrible idea.

Not cool, internet.  Not cool.


  1. My tastebuds weep for you. I tried cooking something (I can't remember what because I blocked it out) in the microwave years ago and I now have a rule that it can only be used for heating things up. Pizza not included.

    And what diet are you on??? What are you trying to lose? Air?

  2. Lol. Not me. Just the rest of the household. But baking is not currently supported under the "regime." :-)

  3. Uh oh. I did make a chocolate mug cake once that was decent, but I was wary. Microwaving and baking just aren't good friends. What you need to do is bake a secret stash of cake pops so you have bite-sized treats in hiding for when you need them. ;)

  4. Aaargh. What's worse than bad cake? Bad cake that you've made yourself, late at night to satisfy a cake craving that now can't be satisfied. The internet definitely messed up big time!


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