Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunshine Behind the Clouds

It was a weird June.  I think I may jinxed it just a little bit.  I had been remarking that it hadn't been a terribly bad winter or spring for me.  Normally, spring is brutal. I get climate migraines so while I love rain and snow, they are typically preceded by some degree of discomfort from mild headache to "oh dear sweet Lord, please take me now." I try not to complain about it too much but somedays, I'm less capable of keeping in perspective.  And I smiled about getting through the "danger zone" fairly unscathed this year.

Then June hits.  With rain. Lots and lots of rain. Thunder, lightning, hail.  Not quite biblical but some of the neighbour was googling plans for an ark or two. The wind sheared a branch or two of our big tree, and scattered them around the crescent.
However, the wind also blows little joyful things.  Some windfalls are happy.

Like a beautiful pincushion and sticky notes won from daydreamhouse in the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway day.  Thanks, Kate!

Or a trio of Lu's lovely quilt patterns at Crafting... Thanks to Heather and Lu! I chose Max, Katie and Googly Eyes...

Or winning a copy of a much desired book.

Signed by one of the artists, who I've read for years now at Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  Thanks, Jacquie!

So there's always something good around.  And, yes, I apparently have horseshoes coming out of my...ahem...ears.

As a huge bonus, I received word that finally, finally, after a couple of months, my transcript issue has been fixed. It's a long story that I won't get into in detail here but a decision made by a number of people ten years ago to have a term abroad appear on my marks as previous study at a foreign university was causing problems with my certification and likely would've complicated any grad school applications in the future. Fixed. Huge sigh of relief.

I've spent far too much of June hiding in the dark and generally ill.  Bring on the sunshine - here's to a more light and productive July!  Happy Canada Day!


  1. Hi Carly. Migraines sound truly horrible. I guess our ugly weather yesterday wasn`t pleasant for you. I heard the fireworks but didn`t go. Wonderful prize wins for you though. I`m very envious of your signed copy of Jacquie`s book!! I had to go and buy mine, which is okay, as I want so badly to do some improv quilting.
    So happy that your transcript issues are fixed. Take care and I hope the remainder of July is better for you.

  2. Our June was strangely dry and rather we're into strangely stormy and wet. Perhaps we've swapped weather!

    What wonderful gifts came your way. Especially your transcript red tape fix!

  3. Ugh I get migraines all summer cos of the heat and bright sunshine. And the weather here has been warped too. Boiling hot then lots of torrential rain... and repeat. My in-laws are convinced a mini tornado went through the woods in the back of their property cos there's a line of damaged trees right alongside some untouched trees. Weird.

    Congrats on your winnings!!!

  4. I've had a few migraines in my life - they are truly horrible. I know one of them was brought on by way too much caffeine but other than that - who knows. I'm lucky I don't get them more often. I'm glad to hear you're coming out of them, hopefully it isn't too bad from now on - you guys are in for a touch summer with storms!

  5. Hahahaha! I don't think one person can jinx the weather! It is still gloomy here (west coast) and strangely, I am actually liking it, well, the cooler temps anyway, and it seems to keep me doing things because I am not sweating buckets as I work!

  6. Happy Canada Day! I am glad to hear that things got resolved. Your gifts/wins are amazing! I get heat headaches frequently. I also feel odd about staying inside when every one is so happy but quilting with beautiful fabrics sure helps! Just to make my long weekend great I got sick with a nasty cold on the last day of school.

  7. You lucky girlie!! Enjoy all that loot and yes, let's hope July is sunnier than June.

  8. You are blessed... time to buy lottery tickets!! I love that pin cushion, it's gorgeous! And a belated "Happy Canada Day!"


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