Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seester's Request

My darling sister has begun the process of redoing her house.  They moved in two years ago and haven't done much to it but now that they have a little space to work, she's grabbed the paint brush and the staple gun and gone to town.  She started in the bedroom, painting, making a tufted headboard, and bought a couple of really cute white nightstands.  The stands have a little recessed area - perfect for keeping a late night cup of tea from tipping due to act of cat, dog or toddler.  And she, with a giant "please, please, please" smile asked me to make a couple of toppers for them.  She loved the pair I made for my parents' nightstands a couple years ago.
The paw on the right is Dash's "stomp" of approval.
After I showed her a Ruby charm pack (which I'd stowed away knowing someday, it would be perfect for her.  It's vintage feel and aqua-red colour scheme screamed Seester!), she oohed approval and out came the sewing machine.

She was a little concerned that she was froofing up the bedroom a bit too much, though.  Her husband, my darling brother-in-law, is a black boot-wearing, Johnny Cash-loving, zombie-killing giant.  So I suggested a compromise. I backed them both in some leftover Riley Blake pirate fabric.  That way, he can have a manly black topper and it can be flipped whenever needed.  Grrrr..... manly! Hahaha!

I made them mirror image and since I only wanted to use one charm pack, I figured out how to make two mini-pinwheels from a pair of 5"square.

I also made a couple of tiny log cabin blocks and then cut and sewed with the rest until I had the right size.  All told, I think I used 29 of the 42 squares, and I still have some crumb-ish scraps.
The binding is not as sloppy as this photo indicates.  Photos lie!
She's due over here tomorrow so I'll be able to show them to her.  I hope she likes them, but she's pretty generous with her affection for my work.  They should match the blue accent wall she painted and I know she loves the fabric. My fingers are crossed. Finished size: 13.75"x 11" (x2!)

And I've also started a Swoon quilt.  I've finally joined the party on that one.  I get around to everything eventually....

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Eeek! I love the toppers - the blocks are so tiny and cute!! (Plus I can't get enough of Ruby!)

    Your Swoon quilt is going to be awesome! I LOVE your colors! - if someone sneaks into your house and steals your Swoon blocks, I'm sure I will have no idea what happened...

  2. She will love them!! Who wouldn't, and the black is the perfect compromise.
    I love that they are mirror images...perfect!

  3. They are darling and I am sure will be well received. Love the swoon!

  4. The toppers are adorable. What sister would not love those!!

    The swoon blocks look amazing too.

  5. Ruby remains one of my favourite fabric lines!

  6. VERY cute mats - and I love the swoon blocks. That quilt will be a stunner.

  7. Fantastic table toppers, Carly! Love your fabric compromise with the pirates. too funny! Great peek at your Swoon blocks too! You've been busy, girl!

  8. AWESOME! A great idea for nightstands, they get so dusty! The colours are fans
    Tactic and the pirate fabric is awesome. I am almost finished a quilt now, but not NEARLY as intricate as yours, I just do squares. Do you have one of those bias makers things? Or do you make it from scratch?

  9. They are amazing. I just bought the Swoon pattern but am going to mash it with a couple of others to make a bed sized quilt for my daughter.

  10. I love all the Swoons, especially brights like yours! I say I'm so far behind I feel like I'm ahead because I made what I swear was whatever the traditional quilt was, that is now be calling Swoon, eons ago! In very boring colors, on top of it. I need a do over...

    And I still haven't gotten around to doing anything in turquoise and red.... Those are great!


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