Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Which Nine? Decisions, Decisions...

Thanks for all the love for my sister's table toppers!  She absolutely loved them and within hours asked me to do a quilt for her bed, as well.  Of course.  That, I'm sure, will be an ongoing saga.  I have virtual carte blanche, provided cream is involved.  Since Ruby is getting scarce, I'm thinking Vintage by the same designers will be a perfect alternative...  More on that another day!

Having finished all my Swoon blocks, I find myself in the arduous position of deciding which nine will take their place on the front and which two will do to the back.
One & Two
Three & Four
Five & Six
Seven & Eight
Nine & Ten
I think I've figured it out... but I'm open to second, third and fourth opinions. :-)
Yeah, my design wall is berber. With a trace of setting sun. Deal with it. LOL.  I have to. :-)

These two will be heading to the back, I think...

I'm planning to use the trimmings from the flying geese units in the back somehow though not sure yet exactly what they'll look like but they're already sewn together into half-square triangles.  That leaves me with 176 HSTs, 8 each in 22 colours combined with the background fabric.  Any ideas??  This quilt is promised to a church silent auction at so I want it to have broad appeal so that it raises as much as possible. Therefore, I'm a little less sentimental regarding placement and quilting - it won't help to get attached. Lol!

With so sadness on the news right now, it's nice to have a little goodwill project.  I'll save the philosophizing for today and stick with the comfort of fabric beneath my fingers. 

Wishing you well this week, 


  1. Hmm shall I be a pain and suggest change? Why yes! I'm thinking perhaps middle on the top row swopped out for the left block that's to go on the back. Just because to me there's a bit of similarity in colour with the middle block in the middle row.

    Shall I shut up now?

  2. I was thinking that the left block should go on the front as well. These are so beautiful and so thoughtful of you to do.

  3. Holy cow! I didn`t realize you did so many blocks and they are all so great.Can hardly wait to see it finished.

  4. Wonderful swoon blocks! They take so much time, you must have loved making them to do two extra.

  5. Your blocks are lovely. I guess you suspected your sister would want a matching quilt?? Have fun designing both your quilts. It will be gorgeous no matter what.

  6. You know what? Whatever you decide, whoever ends up with it will be tickled to death. That's the beauty of quilts, you might see flaws or be uncomfy with
    Placement but nobody else notices that stuff! Well, at least that's what I tell myself anyway.

  7. Great choice for the layout! I love that grey background. And, as always, I swoon for swoon!


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