Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Little List

I'm in the process of revising.  Now that I've finished school and spring has arrived, it's time to do a little housekeeping.  It's time to organize, edit, rearrange, and check that one systems still work. When one is in a period of growth and moulting, there are a lot of little feathers to pick up.

I have to say that after the Pythonesque insanity of the last couple of years, I feel a little like Wile E. Coyote standing by the side of the road, singed from the roadrunner-shaped bomb that went off and spitting feathers out his mouth. However, I caught the roadrunner so I'm up on that score. Time to wash the soot out of my ears. So I'm making changes.

Food:  Years ago, I banished fast food from my diet with a few exceptions.  It was tricky when I was in a hurry but I rarely had that moment of yuck that filled my belly the second the wrappers were crumpled and tossed back into the bag.  As a student, fast food began creeping in again after too many meals done on the fly.  There are still french fries wedged into unreachable places in my car.  The fact that they are still in the same condition as when they fell into those spots only reinforces my stance.  The fast food is once again banished. Like Napoleon. That's right, greasy burgers - it's Waterloo for you! I'm allowing Subway and DQ ice cream as occasional eats because I've never felt ill after eating either and I can pretend that Subway's moderately healthy.

Secondly, I am resolving to make a new and untried recipe once a week. Or more if I have time. I love cooking but with my time eroded by studies and other commitments, I have relied heavily on eating what others have cooked and what's available - beyond boring for a would-be foodie like myself. This way, I can start knocking things off the "I've always wanted to try making..." list.

So far:
Dutch Oven Bread
Smells like potential
Sourdough bread starter

Raisin Cake - it's a really good snack cake but very dense and reminiscent of gingerbread.  Must use a brown sugar or cream cheese frosting to really complete it.  Too heavy without it. Best during the three days after it's baked.

Sourdough bread - from this book

I've been better at being social.  I've actually initiated plans with friends instead of waiting for people to contact me. And when you don't have Facebook, people forget to tell you things.  I can be more proactive. I'm certainly not getting Facebook.

I also want to finish my works in progress before starting new ones. I have a few I'd like done and dusted before I begin piling more things on my work surfaces.
Still going:

1) Spiderweb - needs quilting though I can't decided how yet
2) Figgy Pudding - you know, the one I basted two years ago and haven't touched because I decided I wanted to free-motion and couldn't make my old machine do it.  Well, no excuse now, and it'd be nice to have the Christmas quilt finished before the next Christmas comes around.
3)Scrappy afghan - I figure I'll have this one done before the Stanley Cup is hoisted.  But then, I also thought I'd have it finished before my beloved Bruins were knocked out.* C'est la vie.

4)White socks. I think I have about five inches to go before the toes start.  I'm glad I'm doing both of them at the same time or I'd be finished one and unlikely to start the second.

When I'm not working on these bits, I'll be starting the Great Purge of 2012. Drawers, closets, old notes, computer files... the lot. Though the digital age has begun limiting the paper detritus that I accumulate in a given year, I have found that electronic clutter has started to infiltrate my organized existence. Must. Stop. Data. Incursion!

We'll see how it goes... I'll let you know how the sourdough turns out.

*The Bruins being out is bittersweet. The series was basically stolen by the Caps third string goalie who played for the Saskatoon Blades and was my favourite player when he was here.  I'm so freaking happy for him that it takes the sting out of the B's not showing up to play. Braden Holtby.  Love that kid.  Reminds me of Brodeur. (AKA greatest goalie of all-time).


  1. I'm mildly amused by your comparing yourself to the Coyote as I've done something similar on Twitter recently. Even changed my avatar over there to be the Coyote running off the cliff. Obviously we have different reasons for having done so (my Wile E. is still chasing after the unattainable, whereas yours appears a little the worse for wear but ultimately successful in his goals) but it just made me think the ol' 'Great minds think alike' line.

    As always, the blog continues to be a fun read and a great way to keep in touch with your goings-on even when we're out of touch.


  2. Ohhh. I love those times in your life when you can take time to tidy up your life. I'm hoping to finish one of my contracts in June, and dreaming of the opportunity to tidy up a little afterwards (of course, my family might want to see me...) PLEASE let me know how the sourdough goes. I've been thinking about making a sourdough starter and trying it out, but would love to hear first-hand experience first!

  3. I love the quote, and reading of your revisions is inspiring, especially as I contemplate a fresh-ish start in our new house. Love the idea of trying one new recipe a week -- after we move I'm going to join you in that (until then, it will be the same old rut :) ). Happy revising!

  4. I started knitting two sides of a sweater at once but couldn't take it because the yarn was such a mess. The sweater isn't inspiring me anyway so I'm going to frog it, but still. I don't know if I'd do this again.
    I like your list - especially the recipes. We have been trying new recipes lately with lots of success. I have a million projects on the go too, but life is too short. New ones come up all the time and I can't resist!

  5. I love this post. Especially your moulting explanation. I completely relate!!!

  6. Ok... so I left a comment on this before... though, I don't remember exactly what I said. Something about transitions being holy ground. :D

  7. Congratulations on all of your resolutions and accomplishments. I have a question about the socks. Do you find it easier/harder to be knitting them at the same time? I am almost finished my first pair, and had thought for my next ones to be making them at the same time.


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