Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blue Skies: Finished

There were only two games Friday and they finished quite early. Before and after, I had a little space to myself to do some quilting.
Thanks for the help, Dad!

 This entire project was an experiment from start to finish. Completely improv pieced background. Using two different degree dresden rulers and random length wedges.
I dabbled a little more with free-motion quilting and tried variegated threads and a little bit of wool. I wanted the sun to be less separate from the background and tried free-handing some flames.

Finished size is about 35x39". Backed and bound in a pale blue Kona.
I added pocket pockets on the back for hanging it. I won't show you the back though.  I will concede some tension issues. The variegated threads were much thicker than I normally use and I have to keep the tension on the top ratcheted up to the maximum when free-motioning. Finding the balance between speed, top tension and thread breakage point was a challenge. Much learned. The perfectionist in me has been persuaded to let it go.

It will be headed overseas shortly as a gift for a friend who doesn't read this blog. :-)


My scrappy afghan is coming along.  I was about 16" into the fourth panel when I picked it up last week. Now the fourth panel is complete and I've cast on the fifth and hopefully final panel.  
Most of them are capped with an off-white, which you can't see because of the sun coming in the windows. The last one has a brown top on it. However, if the plan comes to together (and I love it when a plan comes together.... A-Team, anyone? No?) then the top will actually be the side when it's finished.  Once sewn, I intend to throw it in the washer and give it a good felting, or at least a fulling. I am already well-aware that this could go horribly, horribly awry. Much like some of the hockey games I've watched while knitting it.  Of the three teams out right now, two I was sad to see go.  Sharks - my heart is bleeding for you, but you gotta show up, guys. My western hopes (the east is still too open but go, Bruins!) are now solely pinned on the Preds. I can think of a few people in need of a Weber-ing. 


  1. The quilt is amazing. The FMQ and variagated threads are a perfect touch for this quilt.

    Our Canucks are still at it, hopefully winning tonight! ;-)

  2. Your flames are awesome. And I hadn't noticed before that you had two different Dresden sizes. That was a very cool experiment.

  3. It's gorgeous! I really like the dresdens in varying sizes too. Well done!

    Jennifer :)

  4. Love love love love love!!!! The quilting is just perfect for it :) So when can I expect it in my mailbox?

  5. Wow, someone is lucky to receive this as a gift!
    Yeah, the Canucks....too bad. At least no riots this year.

  6. It's amazing. You know, there is this house in town that reminds me of your quilt... and I keep meaning to go take a photo of it, so send to you. I know, that's utterly random.

    Love the scrappy afghan!

  7. Really beautiful quilt. I'm in awe of your FMQ-ing.


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