Friday, October 21, 2011

Keeping Up

I have survived parent-teacher interviews.  Not that it wasn't a positive experience.  It was fantastic, actually.  But I am beyond wiped at this point, and finished with conversing for a day or two! I shall entrench myself in a couch nook, do some lesson planning, and try to relax with a little sewing.

Since my sewing space is always temporary, I like to do as much of one thing as possible at a crack.  Therefore, I've cut everything for this quilt and stored it in a ziploc.  The pattern said to cut the strips, sew them all in a long strip and then cut the borders off that piece.  I've already sewn the border strips and binding, though it'll be a while before I get to that part. (Months?)  Then I thought, hmmm, crap.  How'm I going to store the super long border strips?

Wind it around the 6" ruler and keep it from getting crazy!
My spiderweb triangles are finished but I haven't found enough time or space to lay them out yet...  My kingdom for a design wall!
The darker colour is the entirety of the middle.  The cream part hasn't even been added yet.  The floor space between the bed and the closet is not big enough...  Also, the lighting is one watt above kerosene lantern.

Well, I need to run!  Nephew is nine-and-a-half months of chubby, moving, curiosity chaser, and currently pinching my toes while doing his velociraptor impression....


  1. Oooh those spiderwebs! Beautiful!

    Yeah I couldn't live without my design wall... maybe you could put up one of those you can break down and store away?

  2. Wow! I love the first fabric... and you're rocking that quilt. I'm so glad you survived the parent teacher convos. It bet you rocked those too! Thinking of you, chica!


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