Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend at the "Lake"

Oh, how I dream of spending summer weekends at a cabin at a lake!  Trouble is, I don't have one.  This Canada Day weekend, the lake came to us.

Tuesday, we indeed got the storm predicted for the area.  It came with torrents, hail and a tornado watch.  The street flooded all the way up to the garage door of the house and into the cars of anyone unlucky enough to have parked in the street.  It's not that we don't have storm drains.  We have three on this corner alone (which is why the street is graded towards them) but we've had so much water this year (3 to 4 times normal), the drrrains, they canna' take it, Cap'n!!  Local farmers are considering changing crops to rice, bamboo, and freshwater algae.

Then came Friday.  That's when I took the above picture.  And these ones:

You can see one of the eddies.... there's a storm drain these somewhere...

Saturday wasn't too bad.  I baked.
I knit.
Sunday, it started raining again.  It hasn't stopped.  So I'm trying to enjoy the scenery.
In related news, the 'Riders won their home opener in an overtime squeaker.  Maybe seeing green reign triumphant isn't all bad...


  1. LOL that's A LOT of water! At least cars have clean tyres now... always look on the bright side of life, right?

  2. wow! I can't believe all that water you got. (can you send some our way to water our flowers? - if only it were that easy)

    What is the knitting needle contraption thing in your knitting? Is it for an afterthought pocket or something?

  3. That's amazing! Meanwhile, we're having record breaking temps out here on the coast of Oregon. It hit 90 today!!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. That is some amount of rain!

  5. I heard about those tornadoes on the weekend! Okay, I'm assuming the water didn't get high enough to get into your house or you would have said something.....

  6. Holy cats, that's a lot of rain! When I lived in the southeastern US, the culvert pipes in our neighborhood got so clogged with silt that our front yard flooded and we had water up to our front step. Thankfully all the houses in the neighborhood were elevated a few feet above ground level.

  7. I am SO glad I missed out on that big storm, I was out in Ontario during that.


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