Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Five minutes.

This is the start of the downpour last Wednesday.

The rain here has the power to scrub away those pesky sidewalks.  :-)  SuperDeluge's sidekick Humid McHugsYouToDeath has been thwarting the hair rescuing efforts of straightening irons throughout western Canada.

I only mention it because it stormed again this weekend and we're "due" (ha!) for one tonight.  I predict a province-wide "Hat Day" tomorrow....


  1. Um, might be time to get some gopher wood.

  2. We've finally got some reprieve from the stupid humidity here... Going to enjoy it while it lasts!

  3. We don't have the humidity here in Central California (not usually anyway)but it was 106 yesterday (yeah, I don't know what that is in celsius). I heard the funniest quote. When someone says, "but we have dry heat," we should respond by saying "so does my oven..."

  4. we live in a dry climate so not much humidity here. we do have thunderstorms with lots of rain though and they like to blow things around too!

  5. Once again, you cracked me up! Nice writing. :)
    I'm sure you'll make rubber footwear and a hat look snappy.

  6. Too funny! The Hat Day part, not the flood part. As one whose hair is detestable in the humidity (a most disconcerting combination of completely flat with random unruly curls in three spots only) I wish all of you a very Happy Hat Day!


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