Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Sweater. I know...

Please forgive the "I'm so cool" facial expression.  I was thinking about cookies.  The eyebrow is definitely saying, "Cookies? Hmmm...  Mmmm.  I love cookies."  I only ever stop thinking about cookies when I'm preoccupied with cake.  Cake trumps cookies.  True story.

Clearly, I've been keeping my hands busy.  Otherwise, I find it hard to sit still and pay attention to things.  My only rule lately for making clothes is that it has to be something I can wear for teaching, or made entirely from materials I already have on hand.  So while I *did* buy yarn for this one, I can wear it to school meaning it passes muster.  Saw the colour - brown and green and pink all together -  and become irrationally and inarguably convinced I needed to have it.

Vogue Knitting, Early Fall 2010.  Cropped cardigan. Knit on 10mm needles.  Took very little time.  Baby alpaca, two strands held together.  It's  SO soft, maybe a little too soft for this project, but you live, you learn.   (And you can't stop rubbing your arms for the tactile pleasure of a cozy knit beneath your fingers... If beds were made from alpaca, none of us would ever get out of them.)


  1. Love it. Did you cut your hair? Our hair is nearly the same color. Woo hoo! Gorgeous sweater. I want one of my own....

  2. That is a super cute sweater!!
    I still have my first sweater on the needles. It's been there for over two years now. The problem was the pattern I chose - not a very good pattern, full of mistakes and that's not cool when it's your first sweater.
    You've inspired me though, maybe I'll pick it up again cause it's a shrug - kinda similar to this one!

  3. Love it! Makes me wish I could knit. Any chance there will be some at your etsy shop???

  4. Very nice fit, and I like the cables to add texture.

  5. so so cute! I love the arm cables. You are a knitting fiend these days. I didn't notice that pattern in Vogue. I will have to take a second look.


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