Monday, July 12, 2010

Swimsuit Cover-up

Not much to say today but I did have a knitting finish last week (and two knitting starts - seriously, what is wrong with me?).  It's almost too late for "lakeside" frolicking as the weather is starting (somewhat) to level out.  We've had rain Thursday, Friday and into the wee hours on Saturday but the rest of the weekend was dry.  (Yay!)  Of course, we're expecting another dousing tonight...
All 145lbs of Niece Dog wanted to help but she's useless with a camera.  Unless you need it to be eaten, in which case, she would be outstanding!  She was visiting this weekend and is a little clingy, which can be comical since she leans against you in "hug" mode and can push you over without meaning to do so.  Strangely enough, the above photo makes her look small.  She's actually standing 500yards behind me and had Tokyo for breakfast.  :-)
I'm satisfied with the fit but the linen/cotton blend I used had some unusual dye-shifting during initial blocking.  Once sewn together and and rinsed (Twice!!), I still can't seem to get rid of the odd saturated spot, but you can't really tell unless you're close up.  Now that it's washed, it's also quite stiff and needs to be taken down to the river for some old-school beating against a rock.  Anyone have any recommendations for softening stiff fibres?  I'm trying to avoid the dryer if I can...
Pattern from Vogue Knitting Summer 2010; I can't find the label from the linen...  It's been that kind of week.


  1. That is an amazing pattern. Really. This is gorgeous.

  2. And what I wouldn't give for some "interesting" weather. You know, some rain, a good dose of thunder. California. Boring. Sun.Every.Single.Day.

  3. Holy wow that's beautiful work! Although it's too humid to even fathom wearing that hehe

    Umm that dog's larger than I am... I'd probably wet myself if she came near me.

  4. that's amazing -- i need some of your knitting skills to rub off on me -- i'm on strike!

  5. Um. Wow! You are an amazing knitter!
    BTW, that's one of the biggest dogs I've ever seen. Does he come with a saddle and give small children "pony" rides?

  6. Wow... that's amazing! I have no solutions, but dang it's cool! Oh and I'm working on email. Yaya!!

  7. Woah, I'm in awe. You MADE that? I'm a knitter, but that is hardcore!!
    Probably the best way to soften it up is to just wear it, but in the meantime I like your idea of beating against a river rock.
    I can't see the spot at ALL!

  8. What a cool coverup! It's almost too pretty to be a coverup.

    It reminds me a lot of the Counterpane pullover from IK a few years ago (same center medallion type thing)

    Beautiful job!

    I wonder if soaking it in handsoap would work? It's supposed to soften hands, right?


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