Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Absent. Minded.

I have been quiet.  So quiet radar couldn't have detected me.  I wasn't moving.  I wasn't lurking.  I wasn't even online.

And I missed it.

It's a treat to me to get a little bit of time to sit and read, to think and commiserate, to opine and admire, and to share, to be part of this delightfully weird and inspiring community connected by wi-fi and cable but joined by more than that, even if it's a laugh, a tear, an invisible hug for a stranger who shares a passion for the same obscure candy from childhood, or  a thank-you for a tidbit of advice or a heart-rending story, a powerful set of words, an incredible photograph, a project, a slice of life so very different and so very similar to your own.

 I wasn't absent-minded;  I was absent.  And I minded.

My world has been like a box of pieces.  Nothing's fallen to pieces;  it seems they've simply arrived that way.  It's exciting, the assembly, but pieces seem to take up far more room in their original state.  I can't wait to see what they become.

Distractions have been many. Anticipation of tiny, pudgy arms. (No, not from me. But I do get to knit with wild abandon and look forward to many squoodges and fat-belly kisses with the added bonus of relinquishing said fat-belly when it poops or starts to cry!  YAY!)

The wettest spring since 1874 complete with all the climatological consequences for migraneurs.  When my head hurts, it is far easier to knit  and block than to read and blog.

Registering for classes and applying for student loans - I've only been gone from university for seven years and EVERYTHING is different or being renovated.  (I've already cased the bookstore so I'm ready come August.  Me = Nerd.)

Tackling a massive to-do list that I am determined to conquer before September 1st, including a stack of actual printed-on-paper reading!  I am adding the odd 'easy-to-check-off' item to the list like Go For Coffee (or vodka) with So&So so that I can eat my coffee cake and check it off, too.  ( I add a very square check-box beside each entry on the list.  Me = Anal-Retentive Nerd.)

I've spent the last couple hours catching up on other people's lives.  I still have a few more to check in on. And some emails  to which I've wanted to reply. But I plan on adding my blog-reading and -writing respite onto the permanent list of things I want to do.  Insert very square check-box here.


  1. I'm totally nerd-like and anal when it comes to most things... I see nothing wrong with anything you've said here :) And as someone who gets migraines, I hope you find some relief. Fast. And your knitting is GORGEOUS.

  2. welcome back to blogland - we missed ya!

  3. Yay... you're back. You were missed. (lovely writing, btw) And hello cute little baby sweater! That's adorable.

  4. You're awesome. We're similar, that's why I like you. Does that make me awesome???

    I can't wait for you to be able to kiss pudgy little arms and legs and schmooshy lips...they are the best. I wish somedays that I could hand mine over to someone when they poop and cry. No such luck.

    Ummmm, cutest sweater in sweater history...need one for my little dude...but I don't knit. Stitches don't like to stay on my knitting needles. Crochet is so much easier for me, but doesn't look as good. Oh. Well. I already have enough on my to do list...but I don't have any square check boxes...I might start.

  5. Welcome back and I hope that you have a migraine free summer.

    The little sweater vest is adorable! It makes my ovaries hurt a bit (but not enough to have one of my own :)

    And I agree with Audrie that nothing you've said here is the least bit nerdy. The school bookstore was always my favorite, too :)

  6. I do that square check box thingy too. Nerds unite! Hope the weather is more cooperative for you and your head soon.

  7. I always ALWAYS like to see that that you have a new post up. I have missed you. But sometimes you really do need to take a little break. I can't even imagine going back to school. But I love that you put little square check boxes. I always just cross things out. I'm thinking the check box might be a fun new thing. Add me to your nerd group.

  8. I have to admit that I am a tiny bit jealous that you are continuing your education...I would do the same but have no love of writing papers or taking exams. Instead, I will fill my home with books and live vicariously through the boy as he starts school in the fall. He has yet to experience the joy of buying school supplies...is there nothing better than the smell of plastic pencil cases and new notebooks? Erasers! How can I forget?! Looking forward to hearing of your scholarly adventures this fall!

  9. Hmmm, have to say I'm feeling a little like a checked off box right about now. ;) Great post as always, C.


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