Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunsets and timelines

Remember when you were wee and getting to the next day, the next month, the next vacation was the goal? Not being able to wait until you were grown-up, older, could do what you wanted?

Remember the several moments today where you lamented that the days are going to quickly and there is just not enough time in a single one to do all the things you have to do, let alone the ones you want to do?

Let's all sigh together, shall we?


I took this photo on Sunday, driving back from Regina (if you're not Canadian, I should tell you it's not pronounced rih-JEAN-ah. That's most definitely rij-EYE-nah. Yep.) I had an audition for a commercial. It's been a while since I auditioned for anything and it was a nice change of pace. (Competition was very talented so it was mostly for the drive..) It had been awhile since I'd been able to really enjoy a sunset and driving along one was a beautiful respite. I mused over how quickly time passes..I meant to post the sunset on the ol' weblog when I got home.

And then came the distractions. Family, phone calls, the Globes (which I barely paid attention to) and many wonderful little interruptions. And before I knew it, it was Wednesday and I had been absent from my mental respite (the ol' weblog) for a week.

I look forward to the arrival of visionaries that invent the 14-day week and teleportation devices so we can all help the Haitians and bring them to a warm, safe place to sleep and a hot meal. In a strange way, I once again wish time would speed up so that it can slow right down.


If you're in town, Friday at 9:30pm, the Saskatoon Soaps have their regular Improv Comedy show with the added bonus of all profits going to the Red Cross for Haiti. Laughs and love in the same place.

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  1. I've been working really at hard noticing the savoring the moments! My kids always say, "Mommy look at me" "Mommy..." and I used to be the Queen of, "in just a minute" and "not right now". Last year I decided to always take that minute and hear them out, let them show me their song and dance routine. It truly only added an extra 15-20 minutes to my day. At night, do you know what I remember most? Those moments that I used to not have the time for. Those are the moments that mattered most! They truly make my days better, and worth more! Thanks for the reminder to take those moments! ;)
    Rebecca of the R&W Gals


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