Wednesday, January 13, 2010


And in case you thought I was speaking about what I did last night, let me set you straight...

Once upon a time, there was a nightstand. It was beautiful, part of a pair, and this part of the pair belonged to a woman known as Mum. Well, Mum thought the air a bit stale and convinced nightstand to support an oil diffuser upon its surface. It readily agreed (how would it argue, it was a nightstand...) The air was scented, Mum was relaxed, and all was well in the world.

Then along came a less-than graceful creature, well-meaning and gentle, but accident-prone and he was known as Father. One day, while Father was admiring the nightstand that looked so very much like his own, the oil diffuser was dislodged from its safe and vertical position. Father panicked and raced to sop up the perfumed and dangerous fluid. He wiped and rubbed and cleaned the entire surface of the beautiful nightstand, save under the exotic fabric coasters from the Middle East.... All night long, the nightstand felt something was amiss.

In the morning, when Mum greeted the nightstand, the appearance of the coasters alarmed her. She lifted the soggy rounds and much to her horror, discovered the stain had been stripped from nightstand's gentle face.

Father has not been seen or heard from since.

So I have been asked to make quilted toppers for the nightstands. :-)


  1. I feel for Father. Poor guy. But the quilter toppers will be fab.

  2. oh no - I'm sure they will look beautiful with their new toppers though - and I hope Father is found soon :-)

  3. Better your mom & dad than mine -- all I could offer would be a few battered notebooks and messy old drafts of mediocre poems to cover the imperfection :). Can't wait to see the finished product (I assume you'll be providing us with photos when they're done!?).

  4. LOL Poor nightstand. Or poor Father!

  5. quilted toppers sounds charming!

  6. finally got around to reading through some of your archives - thoroughly enjoyed myself! it was a pleasant way to start my morning procrastination at work!

    and great story, by the way - and lovely fabric choices!

  7. I'm looking forward to hearing the exciting conclusion to this saga. With photos?


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