Monday, January 25, 2010

Get your "tartan" on!

Today is Robbie Burns Day! Celebrate the Scottish bard!!

Go ahead - try it with the accent: Rrrrrobbie Burrrrrnss Dae.

Put on yer kilts, lads and lassies. Your tam, as well. And wear your heather perfume, if you've got it. ( It's one of the prettiest smells on earth.)

Have a scotch - preferably single malt - and some shortbread.

Or haggis, neeps and 'tatties.

(Or oatmeal. We Scots* love our oatmeal. Butterscotch will not be considered inappropriate either. )

Read some of the bonny poet's beautiful words!!

But don't get overly-comfortable with the sheep. :-)

*Even those by descent or association, or even those just looking to ha'e a gud tyme!!

1 comment:

  1. I've practically missed Dear Robbie's day. Can I carry it over until tomorrow? I'm thinking scotch and oatmeal sound like a pleasing combination.


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