Friday, January 1, 2010

Last of Last - First of the New

If I haven't told you yet, Happy New Year!!

I came across an idea I loved this week - at A Commonplace Life. Rather than focus on resolutions and what didn't happen during the last year, look at what you've accomplished.

I started a weblog.
Made a few new good friends.
Found my path.
Found a job that makes me happy.
Baked 200 cupcakes for my sister's wedding and managed to keep from crying myself into a joyful mess on the day! (Trust me, that was difficult. When I have a feeling like happiness that becomes too large for little me to contain, it starts leaking out my face....)
Started an Etsy shop.
Learned how to make lasagna from scratch.
Gathered the courage to enter a poetry contest.

It was a trying year in many ways but that is now the past. I'll try to learn from my history and then put it behind me. And keep the memories of the good things beside me as I venture into the new year. And it is so very full of promise!!

The first post of this year - the last projects of last year....
The pillows I felted for Mum for Christmas. The designs are my own adaptation of one in this book, Felt Forward.
The dresser runner is finally quilted as well. I solved my existential question and my metaphorical one shortly after. Life's like that.

And no, you can not see what's in the mirror behind me. Like I said, it colours the view but it really isn't all that important. :-)


  1. Love the dresser runner!!! You made 200 cupcakes for a wedding!!! the pressure would kill me!!! here's to a very promising 2010!!

  2. The dresser runner is awesome (so is the dresser!) Happy new year!

  3. Sounds like a very productive year for you! Finding a job that I love is #1 on my list for this year :)

    Love the dresser runner!

  4. That's a great list! And I love the felted pillows - they're great-looking. Here's to accomplishing everything you hope for in 2010

  5. I like your list! It's fabulous. As are you! :D

  6. very nice runner...I like the simplicity of the color choice. very modern. :) even if it is on an old dresser. Irony.

  7. I love the felted pillows! Hope the new year will see more great creativity for you!

  8. I love the technique on the runner. One of my favorites.

  9. i love the idea of focusing on what you've accomplished!

    you're terribly creative, those felted pillow are so cute.


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