Friday, August 28, 2009

Sometimes it sneaks up on you...

I think this is the first time since I've known how to count that the "days until my birthday" was not a running countdown in my head. I suppose some would argue that it's about time that I stopped acting like a seven-year-old waiting for Christmas but to them I say, "PpTHHtthhpp!!! [raspberry noise - how does one spell it??] I generally prefer low-key ways of celebrating and very large slices, or many merry wedges, of cake, to large hoopla, or heaven forfend, a hootenanny, but I look forward to it, nonetheless, though the number gets bigger with each passing August. But this year, it just sort of snuck up on me. It's not until Sunday but some people have already begun to acknowledge it. Even non-people are acknowledging it...

I received a text message this morning - thinking it was from a person, I checked it right away. Instead, it was from my cellular carrier. "Free msg from [cellular carrier]. Happy Birthday! On August 30th, enjoy unlimited local calling on us. Our records indicate that this is your birthday. Have a great day!"

I sat there for a second with a quizzical look on my face. I was very surprised but decided that this was a nice gesture on behalf of my service provider. (Although, for a while there, it was touch and go between "nice gesture" and "creepy and weird".) I did giggle at a couple of things. One - the fact that they felt it necessary to let me know they weren't charging me for the incoming message (since there have been virtual riots over incoming message charges) and that their records indicate my birth date but not the fact that my plan already covers unlimited local calling.

Regardless, thank you Cellular Carrier for the warm wish and the already free free-calling on my birthday. It's the electronic thought that counts and I appreciate it anyway.

In real-people acknowledgment, I'm looking forward to going out for supper with my parents and sister tonight. The annual ritual continues since I outgrew birthday parties. There will be a few less seats - my brother(in-law, though I drop the in-law all the time) has to work and my own sweetie is posted far and away - but rather than be upset that they can't share in fun, I choose to look at the bright side...

More cheesecake for me!!

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