Saturday, August 22, 2009

The First Post is Definitely Not the Deepest...

And so begins another venture... I, who have all the technical savvy required to staple paper (and sync my iPod), now write a blog. As I have noticed in other blogs, the first post usually covers the "why" aspect of creating and naming the journal so this post will follow suit.

Citric Sugar - I love grapefruit, especially the smell. Crisp and refreshing, tart and sweet, slightly bitter and yet delicate. The hues that show up in the citrus family bring me joy - greens and yellows, oranges and pinks, and whites - both warm and cool. A whole spectrum of colour, a variety of flavours, bright and, to me, beautiful.

The "sugar" comes from my own sweet tooth and the candy addiction that I try to break myself of frequently. My favourites are both sweet and sour.

Citric Sugar = Sweet and refreshing (at least in theory :-)

My intent is to refresh my own creative spirit with a regular dose of Citric Sugar. A regular date with writing will keep my fingers moving, hopefully sharpen my wit, allow me to organize my thoughts, inspire myself in other aspects in my life, and to share. (As of now, I am my only reader so sharing is a loftier goal that goes beyond this post into the future. It's good to have a goal. Right?)

I just asked my reader (read: me). She agreed with me. ;-) And congratulated me on starting a blog. With an effort on my part, I shall try to avoid being self-congratulating too often in the future...

I've got a task list in mind for today and with a renewed enthusiasm, off I go to tackle it!