Sunday, June 30, 2013

Opportunity to Help: Slabs for Calgary

Hi all!

I'm headed south for the day - spending time with family.  Some of whom are moving to Calgary.

Speaking of Calgary....

If you live in Canada, you'll no doubt have seen the devastation in Alberta on the news. (Or in person - our prayers are with you!)

The Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild is throwing their support behind Just One Slab - Quilts Recover - Southern Alberta. We're making slab blocks!

It's a fantastic way to use up some pesky scraps and do some good will sewing.

To learn more, (especially if you're in Saskatoon):  Check out our post on Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild


Cheryl's Just One Slab post at Dining Room Empire.

Have a safe (and dry!!) Canada Day long weekend!

Every block - made with love!


  1. Parabéns pelos blocos!
    Nossa solidariedade e orações!
    Um abraço!

  2. Love those slab blocks, Carly. They will make much appreciated quilts for the flood victims. What a wonderful way to help out!

    Wishing you a very Happy Canada Day!

  3. I am working on some today!.....good for my "improv" practice LOL

  4. I only had time to make one, but got it in the mail to Cheryl a few days ago. Feels good to help even in a small way.
    I like your blocks!

  5. What a great way to make a charity quilt! Once again, you've provided inspiration for our MQG chapter. I've forwarded this post to several officers in our chapter, thinking we might instigate this block-making idea. Thanks for sharing, Carly!

  6. Happy Canada Day (late, I was camping with my Canadian friends)! But I love this idea, looking forward to slabbing!


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