Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

I do. I must also have been doing my Keir Dullea impression...

"What are you doing, Dave?"Apparently, twenty spare minutes for blog-reading is not acceptable to CAT-9000.

Just like  Kubrick's homicidal computer, he tried to asphyxiate me.  Only he did it with standing on my chest, demanding snuggles and suffocating me with orange fur.

I may have a hairball.  I definitely need a lint roller.  Maybe I can invent a big, black rectangular one and call it a Monolint.  No one knows where it came from....  (Haha, cracking myself up!)

Yes, I see sci-fi classic moments in everyday life.


  1. That cat is adorable! :D And such slander against such a sweetie. I'd sleep with one eye open. . .

  2. saw this and though of you. Hope all is well


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