Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Family Whirlwind

It started about two and a half weeks ago and ended the other day.  First, a trip out here:
Ooohhh, view from the hotel.
Nope.  Vancouver.  I may or may not know the woman posing with the giant sculptures that may or may not have freaked me out.
Attended a beautiful wedding with AMAZING food.  Local, organic, perfectly cooked, and ever-so-tasty... 

Wandered Van Dusen Gardens.

Bought a fused-glass necklace from a Glaswegian artist who tends bar in the hotel.

Had a lovely walk with my dad from from Stanley Park, along the sea wall in English Bay, back to where we were staying.  Random and beautiful art.  And a wee seal but I couldn't capture him properly in photographs...

Played with my favourite photo apps. 360 Panorama, Tilt-Shift Generator, Hipstamatic.  The fun of gizmos when you're stuck in a plane over a wing.

It was lovely to see family out west, and lovelier that we had family coming back to the middle right after.  We've had people here for a week and a half straight and in different combinations, including no-air-conditioning-at-their-house refugees and their dog.  Old family, new family, tiny family, furry family....  A wonderful buzz of energy and excitement and two-year-olds asking, "Where cat? He sleeping?"  A real heartbreaker, for sure.

But now, the wine bottles have been enjoyed. The din has subsided.  The shoes at the door have winnowed. The guest rooms are empty.  I'm enjoying the quiet and the catching up. And the cat is at the foot of the bed, sleeping.

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  1. Wah... you were just 6 hours from me!! Looks like an amazing trip! I LOVE that necklace... it totally suits you.


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