Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Atmospheric Phenomena

Pretty incredible to see one. Even more incredible when they go all the way around.

Pretty darn tricky to photograph with an automatic. Never stops me from trying though... :-)

Vegreville, Alberta. April 30th, 2010. Approximately 5pm.


  1. You better believe I'm forwarding this link to my husband. He loves sundogs! (I think you can safely expect to be hearing from him as well...)

  2. I love weather phenomena, growing up in Minnesota I would see sun dogs but I have never seen one in such a clear complete circle. The other phenomena I love is a good heavy hoar frost, just amazing to see every thing with ice crystals. Great pictures!

    live a clorful life's husband

  3. Those are gorgeous! Must have been hard to look through the viewfinder.

  4. Wow, pretty neat. I can imagine the photography was tricky, but well done!

  5. these pictures are so cool! i had never heard of sundogs before

  6. I had heard the term sundog before, but didn't know what it meant. Thanks for the lesson :). I should google it, now I'm interested in what creates them?


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