Monday, May 24, 2010

Bean there.

I always decide I want to make a bean-filled recipe about twelve hours too late. Legumes have oft been recommended to me as (surprise, surprise) I am a little on the anaemic side. The virtually transparent side. As a matter of fact, I've often been accused of having no blood in my blood and rather than dine on me, a vampire would more likely ask what I use for SPF.
But I can be an impatient cook and never remember to think ahead for beans. This weekend, in a fit of cupboard and closet cleaning, I made a plan! I budgeted some time, orchestrated enough bowls on the counter and proceeded to soak four varieties of beans. The next day, I cooked, parcelled, labelled and froze.
Now, I have a freezer full of magic beans ready for when I lazily wish to eat the same day I pick a recipe... 21.5 cups in fact. I'm thinking delicious soup some day soon. And maybe THAT will shush the naysayers asking me, "What's with all the beans?"

Either that, or I won't hear them over the beans' effects! :-D


  1. Good on you for doing this... I can never be bothered to do anything like that hehe And from when I started reading this post, all that I can do is sing "Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot..."

  2. Very smart. I'm a lazy cook, too. Just realized the other day that if I intended to use frozen bread dough for a stromboli, it would have helped if I'd thawed it. Oops!

  3. Great idea. Every now and then I luck out and think about beans just before going to bed. When that happens, I rinse them, throw them in a crockpot with a bay leaf & some H2O, and in the morning they're ready. Your method is better by half - enjoy the beans!

  4. omg...I totally need to do this! I have lots of dried beans in my pantry, but I keep buying canned beans because I'm too lazy to cook the dried beans...such a slacker around here!


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