Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snippets of a Week

Humbled by an invitation to witness forty-one people become Canadians. You only see the red serge jackets at important events...
Managed to salvage lemon pin-curls into a lemonade 40s up-do.
Pride while Mum and I taught Sister to crochet. Skills passed on. Bonds strengthened.
Saddened, but warmed, by an articulate and beautiful eulogy for a man I barely knew.
Oddly dreamt. Text message to Sister: Regarding my dream last night, the next time you shove a shotgun in my face, you best be prepared to use it. Love you! Text message back: LOL. Noted!

Inspired by sunshine leaking through painted glass.
Frustrated at an apparent pact with the devil playing out on the ice. My words were ineloquent. "That GUY can't tend goal for any OTHER team in the @*&%ing league???"


  1. Love your hair as well. And the texting--too funny. And the hockey? I read the article. I will ask my husband to explain to me what I read....sorry, Carly. Our minister is Canadian. Talks about hockey a LOT! You would probably love him.

  2. My sisters and I have very similar txts and Facebook posts to each other lol

  3. Amazing what can happen in just one week. Thanks for sharing. And I love that gorgeous hair!

  4. cute hair! Funny text! It looks like you had an interesting week!

  5. Your hair looks so pretty like that! I lurve it.


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