Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Six Days

In the last six days, I have...

...watched the snow melt...
...and return again...
...baked banana bread...
Asante sana, squashed banana, wewe nana.... Lion King? Anyone? No?
...finished the pencil sketch for a project inspired by many, but this one in particular...
...did push-ups with this guy in the way (Buddy - when I'm swearing and sweating, I don't want to pet you!)...
...and attempted to get into shape.
I am not trying to lose weight but I would like to be able to outrun a toddler and to do so without wheezing. I've done it (the video - not the toddler thing) three times to date, prompted by a kick in the behind (Thanks, Wende!) and, though mine will likely be a "64-Day Moderate Firming of The Jigglier Bits and Ability to Run at Least as Fast as the Vacuum" and not a "30-Day Shred", I'm going to give it my all anyway. As you can see above, I have already died trying and therefore, it can't get worse. I have also remembered everyday to take my vitamins and brush the little dude so the spring shed doesn't end up imbedded in every piece of clothing I own. The pool on how long I can keep this up should prove lucrative. :-) Your entry can be forwarded to.....

Have a terrific one!

PS - I have decided that they call them calves because when you stretch them too far or overwork them, you make the same noise you would make if you were giving birth to a calf.


  1. this is so funny!! i laughed all the way through your post

  2. me too! great to laugh in the morning - thanks for that!

  3. Heh... I hate that Jillian. We've already started calling it the 90 day Hell, because um, no way 30 days is going to be enough.

    And I love the photo of your cat. YES!

  4. I'm intrigued by those weights. I always laugh to myself when I pass the high school and the kids saunter pass my car at a snails pace because they are so cool. I think, "I could outrun you!"

  5. "64-Day Moderate Firming of The Jigglier Bits and Ability to Run at Least as Fast as the Vacuum" and not a "30-Day Shred"

    = best phrase ever muttered about an exercise video!

  6. i love the pencil pencil lines.
    your kittums is sweet:)

  7. Wow, you have been a busy bee! Good luck with Jillian Michaels =)

  8. Yesterday was my first day on the P90X regime....this is my...I don't know, 3rd or 4th go at it. It totally is awesome...if I would keep it up. I do great for a week or so. Once I went 3 weeks on it...then, I don't know, I guess life takes over again? Good luck with yours!


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