Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Basement: Not for the over-actively imaginative...

It's spring. It's melty. Water invades alleyways and old buildings. And someone has to venture down to the basements and plug in the sump pump.

Even if it's a basement that gives you the heebie-jeebies.

I use the word "creepy" a lot in the video. I couldn't help it. It sprang to mind. Actually, it crawled into my mind and wouldn't leave. Much like the smell of damp. But it's definitely interesting.... in a dimly-lit, "did you hear something", "where's Buffy when you need her" sort of way.


  1. Do you have a cistern down there too? Now THAT is super creepy!

    P.S. Haha. My word verification was magyver, sort of McGyver-ish. Do you think HE could help with the creepiness factor? Like with duct tape and a popsicle stick or something?

  2. basements by their very existence are creeeeppy

  3. Sure... anybody's cellar might look a little off with the creepy-video filter cranked up to 11. If I made some smooth dolly shots with warm lighting and maybe some kittens for atmosphere it would come off as an ambrosia-scented wonderland. Well, that's if I could manage to scrub out the disturbing stains in the damp concrete.

    And for that I'd have to go down there. Not happenin'.



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