Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stacks and stacks..

Some days, the piles begin to chase you around, begging you to make them something else. I've had different piles to tackle every day this week. For example:

On Wednesday, I made a stack. (Creating inventory for the etsy shop I plan to open...)

On Thursday, I made a few stacks.

On Friday, Thursday's stacks became a pile once again, trimmed and ironed. By Saturday, it looked like this:

Don't let the layout fool you; it's still very much a stack. This stack is begging to be made pretty. (I'm still working on that part...) And then the very same stack gets broken into 11 little piles, which becomes 1 pile. When I finally finish with the last pile, I'll fold it up and add it to a stack of blankets, waiting to become warmth, comfort, or a merely a decorating statement, if it's a bit shallow. :-)

The piles never really go away, they just morph into other things.

As children, we used to stack things as high as we could; houses of cards, coins and books, balls of snow, piles of leaves to jump on... And it gave us a little thrill.

As adults, we like to lay things low; plow through the inbox, finish the laundry, sort the recyclables... It gives us a thrill to distill a pile down to its simplest, or its most complicated and beautiful, form. Quantity becomes quality.

I'd like to meet the visionary who first saw a pile of wool and thought, "hmmmmm, sweater."

There are myriads of other stacks to tackle this week - and I'll do my best to reduce each to what it needs to be. Or, and this is probably more important with some piles, what I need it to be. Good things can be found in stacks and layers.

Like cake.

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