Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's all good stuff that's in it

Well, the quilt layout from the other day just isn't working for me. After consulting with a couple of sources, I've decided to try and rearrange it. Likely tomorrow.

Because it's broken.

And it's not at all 'me.' Other than the colours. The fabrics are gorgeous individually. But the execution... Yeesh! It reminds me of something my great-grandmother Jemima used to say, mostly about her baking:

It's all good stuff that's in it.

Then everyone was expected to eat it, regardless of how it looked, smelled, or tasted. :-) Scottish practicality! (PS - how awesome is it that my great grandmother was named 'Jemima'?)

Time to call in the reinforcements. And when sewing just isn't going your way, who does one call? (Hint: she answers to "Mum") I'll try breaking up the colours into their own little groups and "fading" the quilt from bottom to top and put the orange in a strip down the middle. Or move it to the back. Or something. See why I need help?

Wish me luck!

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