Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finger Mustache - always a good time

So the Saskatoon Soaps have our upcoming improv comedy season opener on Friday. As is customary for us, we pose for a newspaper picture. It involved mustaches. And as mine was still on my finger when I got back from said photo op, I decided to fool around with the ol' web cam. (Picture made more authentically masculine by a complete lack of makeup and the accidental position of my scarf mimicking an ascot....) ( and being A Scot is evidenced by my complete lack of tan and or pigmentation... oh, the word play...... but seriously, could I be a paler person???)

Apparently, according to Sister, there are three or four gentlemen in town here who've taken the finger mustache to a whole new level. They've gotten them tattooed. What started as a joke, a way to say 'hi' to your best bud from across a crowded party, became a life-long commitment to the bit. And, I guess, to each other. Long live the friendship!! Vive le mustache!

Sister and Sister's Friend were out one night, having drinks, and at some point in the evening decided finger mustaches were very necessary. No sooner had they applied them and started modeling than their server told them of the Mustachioed Caballeros mentioned above. A little later, they found themselves outside keeping a smoker company, when someone else they knew pointed to a random man in another cluster of smokers. Sister caught his eye from across the way and without a word, raised her finger mustache in miniature salute. Random Man, in kind, raised his eyebrow and a tattooed index finger to his lip. Each of them nodded solemnly before returning to their respective friends.

One of the band of brothers is rumoured to have committed both of his index fingers to the cause. Each one forms half of the infamous fumanchu!!

Sometimes something silly is just what we need to connect us to something bigger than ourselves. Or to each other.

And sometimes something silly is just something to do on Friday night. (Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon, Fri Sep18 9:30pm, $10) Very very silly.


  1. Too funny! I might have to take pen to my index finger and surprise the kids at the dinner table. I'm sure much eye rolling will ensue.
    PS Loved the word play!


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