Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Progress. Or not.

The trouble with doing a tutorial on random piecing is that you end up with random pieced blocks and not necessarily an end game... 

Th opportunity with doing a tutorial on random piecing is that you end up with a healthy start on an improvised quilt top.

I sewed all my chip and chunks into blocks and started to play with a layout.
Hmmm. Not quite.
That's better.

Added some Kona ash.

It's grown a little bit since I took this photo (into a completed top) but my lighting isn't great and I didn't have room to lay down an entire top. :-(  But you get the gist.

Using up my leftover pieces in the centre improv block meant that 8 fat quarters ultimately boiled down to this pretty tiny pile of scraps.  The pile of ash scraps is a little larger but I used the better part of 3 yards on background and binding strips.  I'm thinking I'll quilt it with orange lines... We'll see.
So that's progress.

Weather-wise, not so much.  I woke up to this.
But that's okay...

Brilliant ad campaign, eh?
Yes, on Saturday, the Leafs finally made the playoffs.  First time in 9 years.  I haven't stopped doing the happy dance since. I don't even care if they make it out of the first round.... (I daren't use exclamation points; THAT'S how excited I am.)

I started a pair of socks.  I have a history of knitting something simple during playoffs (hands busy, mouth quieter) and finished a long-running project last year so I need a new one.  This will not be it.

I was reminded after missing a goal, and having to take back every other repeat, that lace and hockey don't mix. Back to the drawing board...


  1. Always amazing! You have given me a great idea for a quilt I was having issues with. Do you find it easy/easier to make two socks at once?

  2. NO! No more snow!! I can't believe the winter/spring you guys have had.

    And yes, playoffs here we come. I'm happy for you and your Leafs. :)

  3. loving your design - and orange quilting will make it all sing.

  4. You make improv look so easy......and painless! LOL

  5. I love the improv mixed with the sashing to break it up. Looks fab. Enjoy the playoffs. Been a long time since I watched hockey!

  6. I really like your blocks. And of course I encourage using the orange thread. Of course I do. Yeah for making it to the playoffs.

  7. I love the idea of orange quilting lines. And it's amazing how much more wonderful impact the blocks had when you set them with the solid sashing. Lovely!

  8. Yay for orange quilting!I'm a long time Leaf's fan too, although dare I admit that I don't watch hockey anymore?????

  9. That looks wonderful! Beautiful colours and you made great design by adding some solid pieces! Love your knitting, too! x Teje

  10. Oh I love it! Orange quilting will look sensational!

  11. I love the mix of improv blocks and sashing - this quilt is going to be wonderful! Oh, and quilting with orange thread sounds like a great idea!

  12. Hi Carly! I like your chips and chunks approach to making random blocks. I've done something quite similar, but never really broke it down into a "how to." This is really nice. I'm sure you've shared something here that is new to a lot of blog-readers. Oh, and also that I shouldn't mix knitting and sports-watching! Well, since I dislike all sports, that's not a problem. Enjoy it yourself though.

  13. Ha ha! TV and any creative activity don't mix well for me either. I can't even narrow it down to hockey, lol! Your improv quilt looks really good. And I sure your knitting will get sorted out! Have fun and "Go Leaf Go!"

  14. Well Carly, I like the way your mind works. And like the others, I am on board with the orange thread. I feel for you when I see that snow picture,

  15. Love the improve piecing, Carly! I've been working on a couple lately and it is just such a 'freeing' process.

  16. I love your idea of quilting with orange! Man some of those pieces are tiny - and I'm complaining to you about the THREE pieces of 10" x 10" squares I had to sew to other squares.... Make sure you post more of the finished product!
    Yes, those socks are cute but you're right, you need something simple for playoffs. Scarf! Can't get much simpler.

    Go Leafs!!


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