Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gratitude and Re-do'ed

Boy, a week goes by quickly when you're sick/busy/add any descriptor here....!

I have a schwhack of thanks to hand out.  (Yep, it's a word.  Okay, it's a collection of sounds...)

1) A HUGE thank you to everyone who nominated/voted for my quilt, Homespun, in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival!! I'm flattered and humbled to have won Favourite Scrap Quilt.  And totally floored!  Thanks so much!

Thanks to Sew Fresh Fabrics for sponsoring the category. And everyone who commented or even looked at my entry, too.  And to Amy, as always, for hosting. And the Academy... (Okay, going too far...)

2) Thanks to Rita at Red Pepper Quilts who had a giveaway and FabricSpot for the fat quarter bundle, which arrived already!  Karen at FabricSpot is lovely, they're set up in Ontario, the selection is great and her shipping rates are awesome.  Go check it out! I'll wait.

Pretty pretty!

3) Thanks for all the well-wishes over my cold - I'm feeling much better now. :-)


I did manage to get some sewing done this week, most of which I can't show.  Then there's the sewing tool case which I made from some of the leftovers.  Or rather, two sewing tool cases.  The first did not turn out well, not because the pattern wasn't good (it's a great pattern), but because of decisions I made during the process.  I share it now in the interests of transparency and to stop anyone from getting the impression that I know what I'm doing all the time.  Ha!
I'm embarrassed by how badly this turned out... The case and the photo. 

It was lumpy, and in failing to take some measures to ensure proper seams, I missed the top pocket fabric in the seam and had a sloppy fix.  Also, since I was using patchwork, the seams pulled when I turned the case right side out and looked awful.

Now, if you've been by here at all before, you've probably figured out that I'm a very stubborn little thing and despite being beaten by a pattern, a recipe, or series of mistakes.  So naturally, I tried again, with some changes.
1) I used patchwork leftovers for only the front pocket and back fabric.  The rest I used scraps of solids.

2) I trimmed and made sure all my fabric layers were matched up after every step.
3) I layered the batting on top instead of the bottom so that all my patchwork seams were thoroughly sandwiched.  Also, I strategically placed my turning hole on a spot where there would be no intersecting seams.

Much happier with my mulligan.  I used this pattern which I found via The Sometimes Crafter.


  1. I think we all need things like this to teach us how to do things well. I love how your second one came out!

  2. Congratulations on the big win!! Great job!
    Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Congrats, Carly! And kudos to you for giving the case another try. It looks fantastic and so practical!

  4. Yes those fabrics are quite yummy! Congrats on all your wins ; ) your little sewing case is delightful!

  5. Congrats on the win - I think I voted for you! I may give that case a try too. I need that kind of thing to take to workshops and retreats!

  6. Congrats on your win! That is so fantastic!!

    Your redo looks great. We cannot let patterns win...Ever! =D

  7. I was SO excited when I saw that you had won. Congratulations--well deserved. And fun fabric win too! I bought that pattern, haven't made it yet--your second version is fabulous!

  8. Good for you! It's nice to win stuff, and I hope your cold is history!

  9. I love that tool caddy! I may need to add that to my very, very long to-do list. Maybe next year...

  10. Congratulations! I knew I would be saying that to you again! I love the fabric and I love your sewing tool case!

  11. Congratulations on winning your category! And I just love the FQ bundle--gorgeous fabrics!

  12. Ahhh! Congrats on taking the Homespun category!! That quilt is gorgeous! Okay, and I have to say that for someone like me, i DO appreciate you posting that some projects don't turn out perfectly---in a way it gives me hope... And way to be stubborn! The final result is soo pretty.

  13. Congrats on your big win! And your lovely fat quarter bundle! And for persevering with your project in order to get a result you were happy with. How great does it look all filled with tools?

  14. Yay! So glad you won! That quilt is always in the back of my mind as an all time favorite!

  15. Nice work on winning your category - although I'm not surprised.

    I LOVE that you show your mistakes. I show mine too - cause seriously - this is real life. Let's get real on our blogs, right? I have a few projects I'm working on that I can't post either - one is HUGE and not sewing related and the other is sewing. Frustrating though isn't it?!

  16. Congrats on your win! I was SO excited to see that you won!

    And thanks for showing that mistakes happen to everyone. I love blogs that are real! Your second version is awesome. I might need to make a few of these for Christmas presents...

    Jennifer :)

  17. I know I'm a little late to the party, but wanted to clock in with a big, excited, CONGRATULATIONS on your scrap quilt win! I love this bundle of fabric you won. How fun!

  18. I love your sewing tool case! What a great use for scraps....and those fabrics...BEAUTIFUL! Found you on the Blog-a-thon.

  19. I'm visiting from the Canadian blogathon. Love Homespun! It is fabulous. And cutting up socks for scrap - well that is a new one for me and I am the queen of scraps. Or maybe just the princess since you seem to be the queen!

  20. what a great pattern for a sewing tool case- it looks like the perfect thing to take to class. congratulations on your wins- it is always fun to win things on the blogs.
    I have really enjoyed visiting the blogs on the tour of the Canadian blog hops- I have met some new Canadian bloggers and renewed my acquaintance with some blogging friends.
    Regards from Edmonton,


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