Thursday, May 31, 2012

Organizing: Jewelry wrestled, fabric tackled

As I've mentioned, I've been on a rampage.  Cleaning, organizing, editing, revising. My space, my things, my life, my mindset.

I've made some significant progress on the first two. :-) ( I imagine I'll be working on the last two for eternity. As we all should be, really.)

My jewelry drawer has been a source of constant frustration for a long time.  I wandered into an aisle in the grocery store the other day and came home with some inexpensive ceramic dishes.

I cut into some leftover felt that I made (from the Scrappy Afghan that is no longer such - more on that another time...) to line them and prevent scratches.

Et voila!
Little tip I picked up from Martha:  Use spare buttons to keep pairs of earrings together.  Thread them through the holes and they don't get lost.  OR if you lose one, you lose both - out of sight, out of mind. :-)

And after seeing many organized fabric stashes around the interwebs, I finally bought some comic book boards.  Mini bolts.  Love them.
Yeah, this isn't all of it.  There are more mini bolts behind this stack and in the bin to the left...
And now that I once again know what I have, I used a big chunk to sew a spring top. (Coming soon to a blog that might be this one. :-)  


  1. I love your idea for the jewelry. I saw on a blog about this book so I got it out of the library but have not read it yet. Sorry to hear about the afghan. I will be waiting to hear about the story.

  2. I tried the comic book board thing a few years ago only to discover they don't fit my bookshelf. SIGH. But I love your jewelry idea. Very pretty and handy! Your scrappy solution might solve a little problem of mine. I'll keep you posted!

  3. Great idea to use the ceramic dishes, Carly! Where did you get the comic book boards? I remember reading about this method, but as usual, did nothing about it!

  4. I love havin my fabrics out where I can see them. It's more inspiring that way : ) Your stash looks delicious!

  5. The button trick? Brilliant. That Martha...I'm going to have to implement that one in my house. I'm an earring fiend, so I constantly dig through a messy drawer for them.


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