Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hot streak, cold weather, warm heart

I've had a run of luck the last few weeks.

I won an e-book copy of Modern Mix on Amy's Creative Side.  Can't wait to have the time to try some of the patterns, though right now, I'll have to content myself with the gorgeous photographs.
Then I won a book of poetry, Today's Special Dish by Nina Lindsay, at Both Fires...  It hasn't arrived yet but I delight in knowing that I will soon have a feast of words in my hands..

And then I won a paper-piecing pattern by Very Kerry Berry, on Live a Colorful Life.  I'd have posted about this earlier but I wanted to wait until I'd tried it. I've wanted to give this technique a whirl for ages but hadn't gotten around to it.  No excuses left this time!  For a first project, I'm thrilled with the results! The precision in the piecing amazed me, especially the teeny tiny parts. I still have a ton to learn but for now, I have a cute Winter Woolies set.
Clearly, I finished it in the nick of time because this is what I woke up to:

And now, I must depart the sewing machine and get back to marking.  The last night of the school play was Friday and, after all the rehearsals at lunch, after school and weekends  I treated myself to a lazy Saturday, thinking about what those talented kids accomplished on that stage.

For some reason, the gratitude of young people never fails to move me.


  1. you need to buy a lotto ticket!! :-) lots of wins...congrats!
    I adore the hat and mitts pattern, and have been thinking of picking it up. it's so darn cute!

  2. Glad the play went well. Your book is taking forever to arrive from the publisher, but never fear, I will send it on as soon as it hits my mailbox.

  3. You did an amazing job on the Winter woolies pattern- just a shame you can't wear them in the snow! :) Beautiful!

  4. Wow, you're on a winning streak! Maybe some of your luck will rub off on me, LOL - I just entered to win this awesome illustrated cookbook:
    Entries close Nov. 11!

  5. Hi, I'd like to invite you to post your giveaways on our giveaway directory: Giveaway Scout ( Please submit your blog here: Once you receive our confirmation email you can post your giveaways on our site. Thanks.

  6. Yes, you should totally buy a lottery ticket!! I'm also curious about a book like that on your ereader. I've seen lots of crafty or recipe books available on Kobo and wonder about it. I like to write all over my pattern books so it might not work for me, but this is the way of the future so I better get used to it!
    I love the hat/mittens - are you going to make a christmas quilt?


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