Friday, August 5, 2011

The Link doesn't dissolve with Marriage and Children

My sister and I have always been able to communicate entire thought waves with very few or even a single word.  Kinda like zipping a file before sending an email. But then she got married and had a baby and I started to wonder if we were losing our mojo... The other day, a rapid-fire conversation took place.

Seester:  That commercial always reminds me of that dojo.... (snaps fingers in attempt to remember)
Me:  Cobra-Kai.
Seester:  YES! See, I love that I can just say 'dojo' and you know exactly what I'm talking about...
Me:  What other dojo could you possibly mean?  
Seester:  Mmm.  True.

Mum:  *...*  What just happened?
Bro:  I have no idea...

Just because she's married doesn't mean I don't *get* her anymore and vice versa.  Sisterhood; such a wonderful and strange phenomenon...

PS.  She was referring to the evil instructor and his dojo in The Karate Kid.  The classic one.  Pat Morita, not Jackie Chan.  I still love Jackie Chan but he's not as easily incorporated into our familial nostalgia...


  1. My sisters and I have the same, cryptic conversations even after I got married. People think we're confusing as hell :)

  2. Funny how that works. :) (My sister is a black belt in Isshin Ryu karate, so when I hear "dojo" I think of her and her husband, who is a ninth degree black belt and trained with the "masters" in Okinawa.)


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