Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Orange is for Organizing

Going back to school is a great excuse for finally cutting into my long-stashed Jessica Jones canvas.

In my getting-ready-rampage (and trust me when I say rampage…) I finally traded in my had-it-forever-never-really-bonded-with-it cell phone for a smarter one and picked up a few things to make traveling with technology easier.
Now I have a whole lot of messy accessories and am overwhelmed by faster technology so I had the incredible urge to kick it old school ( ha!) and sew my own cases and cover my headphones with zippers based on this tutorial.  Apparently I didn't take an after shot...  but you get the idea.  I get tangle-free headphones.  (Great project for keeping your hands busy if you're indulging in some DVD watching and don't want to feel guilty for not accomplishing anything since you're watching DVDs and not reading textbooks.)

For my Eco-foldy speakers:

For my home-based screen cleaner and cloth:

And for my screen and USB travel sets, one for my purse and one for my mammoth bookbag:

I made them up as I went along and pulled any button that would fit the lacklustre buttonholes...

Ah, tidy.  Nerd rep intact.

I also made a dress but I don't have a verdict on it yet.


  1. Tidy Nerd, come organize my new studio, m'kay? :D

  2. Aw, look at all those little pouches! I love it. Knowing me, though, with them all the same color I'd totally confuse myself and pull out the wrong thing at the wrong time, ha! :)

  3. You need to forward all these pictures to Jessica herself! She would love seeing all this orangey love.

  4. Interesting side note: I became bloggy friends with Jessica Jones' mother, and then actually met her in person last summer. Woo hoo!

    And I am definitely going to make a zipper thingy for my ear buds.

  5. Those look great! Thanks for sending over the link. I love seeing your collection of little orange cases!

  6. Super cute!

    Ummm.... did you make the dress out of orange Boardwalk, too? ;)

  7. Those are so cool!

    BTW, your comment on my blog made my day. Seriously.


  8. I LOVE that fabric!! You should throw a Buttercup Bag together with it, so cute!

  9. Well done! I hope you'll be posting a "First Day of School" photo with you all decked out in your new dress and tech accessories. :)

  10. these pouches are adorable! I am forever fussing around with cords and chargers and things...what a great solution.


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