Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling Socks

Little tip:  If you want to show off new socks, resist the urge to wear them immediately and wash them before photographing.  They look weird when you do that and not amount of faux-artistic photo-styling will make them look less lumpy.  :-)

My new rule for non-reading, non-eating time is that I have to keep my hands busy so I can get away with keeping up on a small handful of tv shows and movies without feeling like I'm wasting time.  I started these way back in August. At the time, I had just finished my chunky sweaters and moving from 10mm needles to 2.5mm needles almost induced second sock syndrome before the first was even finished.  It was painfully slow to me. I quickly began the second and proceeded to try that "two socks on one long circular" process.  Fiddly and seems to take a long time but I have two finished socks that are exactly the same size.  Phew!


I haven't been following my iFriends as closely as usual - I only seem to get blog time about once a week.  I am starting to manage my time better and have even polished off a few books.  Thanks for all the encouragement!  Some of my classes are fantastic; some... uhmmmm...  I will spare you the ranting.  I have  found myself on the general council for the student society, joined a number of committees, and with a school friend had a fantastic lightsaber fight with our phones.  I owe a few emails, and they are coming up. Right after my midterm. :-)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your socks are gorgeous, especially among those fall leaves. Fall? What fall? Whew it was hot and muggy here in Central California today. Anyway, I miss you!! But I admire that you are in school...

  2. Lumpy, maybe, but they look warm. :) Sounds like you're doing great keeping up with it all!

  3. Falling socks... hahahah. I love that! :D They're pretty. Keep reading, it gets easier!

  4. It sounds like you are settling back into the school groove quite well these days!

    Your socks are the epitome of fall! I love the yarn that you used. Beautiful work!


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