Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silliness. On all fronts.

Hey there, Thumbper. What's the matter?

Ooooooh. Ouch. Plastic bakeware-safe knife, you say? Because I didn't grease the brownie pan properly in haste to watch the hockey game? Because I was rushing to grab a brownie on my way back to the tv and slipped with the plastic bakeware-safe, good-for-lettuce, knife? And what's with the overly-dramatic lighting?
No, I don't think you need stitches. Yes, it's deep but that's what Superglue's for...
Walk it off, Thumbper. Walk it off.


  1. Hilarious! (your post, not your boo-boo)
    Hope you recover quickly. :)

  2. Yes. I also thought it was funny. Your post, not your boo-boo. Will it help if I say, Go Canada!!

  3. I keep getting distracted by your beautifully shaped Thumbper nail -- now that's nice! Thanks for the good laugh & heal up fast. Now.... I'm rushing off to watch the hockey game too.

  4. How I miss you Carlykins.
    Condolences on the Hockey, I have one sad little Canadian at home now too.....
    Miekers xx

  5. Pardon me while I laugh myself into a asthma fit.

  6. have i told you lately how much i love you? well, i do!

  7. Oh no! I've had a bang-up week this week--carelessly flipped a hand and sliced my finger on the rotary cutter, pinched a finger in a car door handle.... Hope you're on the mend!

    (Oh, and by the way, brownies will do that to you every time. They're too much to resist, even when you're in a rush!)

  8. Oh my lord, cuts on the hands are the WORST! But your post was hilarious hehe Hope Thumbper is all healed by now!


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